A Family Cow

Dexter’s size and versatility makes them an ideal smallholders or "Family" cow.

Dexters with their hardiness, easy calm nature, small size, high quality lean meat and milk are a great asset to families who have pursued their dream to live on a small farm with a few low-impact animals for their own use. Dexters are dual purpose cattle and some people trained them as oxen. In addition this breed produces valuable and in demand offspring for breeding purposes. Dexters come in Black, Red or Dun with two varieties - short-  and long-legged animals. 

Handling Dexters


Naturally gentle, these cows easily deliver small calves. They are a pleasure to work with, and they eat half the amount of feed as a full sized bovine.


Dexters’s Beef


Meat safety is a worrisome issue these days.  Raising your own organic beef will eliminate negative effects of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, heavy metals and other harm substances on the health of your family.

Dexter beef is a perfect match to that health conscious interest. Tests have shown that Dexter beef is 18% lower in cholesterol than the beef that is most often sold in grocery stores and meat markets. In addition, when cattle are grass-finished on natural pasture forages, the Omega 3 and 6 levels in the beef achieves the desires of those concerned about better health. Beef animals mature in 18 to 24 months and result in small cuts of high quality lean meat, graded choice, with little waste.  The expectable average dress out is 50 to 60 percent and the beef is slightly darker red than that of other breeds.

Since Dexters are a small-boned breed which marble well without excess cover fat, they produce tender meat with excellent flavor.

Dexter cattle produce volumes of tasty, marbled, tender and healthful beef on grass feed alone and because of the greater stocking rates, higher cutout percentages and naturally small bones can give the farmer up to 40% more beef per acre.


Dexters’s Milk


A milking cow can produce more milk for its weight than any other breed.  The daily yield averages 1 to 3 gallons per day with butterfat content of 4 to 5 percent.  Yields of cream up to one quart per gallon are possible.  The cream can be skimmed for butter or ice cream.




Dexters also appeal to those with an interest in preserving historic breeds of domestic animals. These cattle are an Irish/American heritage breed.  All ADCA and PDCA registered Dexters have their pedigrees up to the first bull registered on the American soil. It is fun not just being around these fantastic animals but also to track ancestors of a “Family Cow” with children and grandchildren. Just open United States map and a pedigree of your cow and start a state-to-state journey were the ancestors lived. It is fun and a very powerful education tool.


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