Lazy Horse Ranch Purchase Agreement/Promise of Sale – Dexter Cattle

Purchaser/Buyer:                               Breeder/Seller:                             Date: ___________

_________________________         Sergey Yagodin

_________________________          *address withhold for the internet publication* 



_________________________          Phone: 301-990-4138

_________________________          Email:



Description of a Dexter:  

Name   _________________________________

DOB    ________ Sex______ Color ________Horned Yes

ADCA# ___________

ADCA #’s Sire:__________ Dam ___________

Brucellosis Vaccination Record    #______________ (copy attached)                    

Ultra@bac vaccination     _____________________  

Health Certificate    _______                    


I.  Purchase Price of Dexter        $____________

Deposit    (minimum $100)             $_100________

Other:                                          $____________

Veterinary/Health Certificate            $____________

Delivery/mileage                           $____________

Total due by delivery                     $____________


Total monies rec’d fm Buyer          $____________


This agreement is entered into between Buyer and Seller for their mutual protection and especially for the protection and well-being of the Dexter.  It is mutually understood that failure to comply with any provision of this agreement may detrimentally affect the reputation and business of Lazy Horse Farm.  By signing this agreement, Buyer agrees that payment will be made as shown above.  Buyer must pay a nonrefundable returned check fee of $25 per check if any check is not accepted by Breeder’s bank for any reason.  Funds paid by check must be received before two weeks prior to delivery date.  After that time, funds must be paid by Money Order or by cash.  (Checks/MOs made out to ‘Sergey Yagodin’ please.)



1.      Buyer assumes sole responsibility for maintaining the care and health of the Dexter after time of sale when the Dexter leaves the Breeder’s property.



1.       At the time of Sale, the Dexter is vaccinated against Brucellosis and with a Ultra@bac vaccine and accompanied with a Health Certificate. The Breeder guarantees that selling animals are to be breeders and are in a good health, and free from congenital and genetic deformities which are out of ADCA guidelines for the breed, subject to Provision 2 below.


2.       In order to qualify for the above guarantee, the Buyer must have the Dexter examined by a licensed veterinarian, at Buyer’s expense, within 48 hours of delivery (excluding Sundays and holidays).  If the Dexter is not examined by a licensed veterinarian within this 48-hour period, the future health of the Dexter is at Buyer’s own risk.  Buyer also understands that Breeder recommends isolation of Dexter from other domestic animals for a minimum of 5 days.  If Dexter not isolated from other domestic animals, Breeder assumes NO responsibility for the health of the Dexter.


3.       If, at this examination, the Dexter is found to have any of the conditions listed above and, in the opinion of the vet, the condition was present at delivery, the Breeder will be notified immediately and will, upon receipt of a written statement from the examining veterinarian that the condition was present at time of delivery, pay the cost of the emergency medical treatment necessary to correct the condition, up to the purchase price of the animal.  For non-emergency treatments, Breeder shall have the option of having the Dexter examined and treated by his veterinarian or may limit reimbursement to like costs.  If distance to Breeder’s vet is not reasonable distance to Buyer, Breeder may also choose to have a second opinion given by a veterinarian at an unrelated practice at Breeder’s cost.  Breeder shall pay 50% of the bill incurred by the Buyer for detection and treatment of any illness and will pay costs directly to the veterinarian (Buyer will not be directly reimbursed).  Breeder will not be responsible for cost of testing which yields no abnormality. Failure to contact the Breeder prior to initiating any treatments voids medical reimbursement clause


 5.  The breeding guarantee shall apply to naturally breeding only. In cases where the animal is subjected to any hormonal or surgical reproduction techniques after the sale, this guarantee shall be null and void. This guarantee ceases when an animal is disposed of by the original Buyer. In the case of bulls, it will be the responsibility of the Buyer to have the bulls semen tested before they are turned out with cows.

All notices of non-breeders must be submitted in writing within 15 months of the first date of service.


6.       Should this Dexter be diagnosed with a disease (within 48 hours after the delivery) or a non-breeder (within 15 months of the first date of service) the Buyer shall have the option to return for his own expense (Delivery charges) the Dexter to the Breeder for a full refund of the purchase price.  Breeder may instead choose to give Buyer another equal (at the time of purchase) quality Dexter depending upon Dexter availability.  The total liability of the Buyer shall in no case exceed the purchase price of the animal.  This guarantee clause does not cover neglect by the Buyer.


7.   The Breeder offers no guarantee other than that contained in this agreement. 



 It is the intent of the Breeder and Buyer that this agreement shall constitute a legally binding contract, representing the entire agreement between the parties.  Neither party shall have the right to modify it except by mutual agreement, in writing.  Changes and additions to this contract must be initialed by all parties.  By signing this agreement, Buyer acknowledges that he/she has read, fully understands, agrees to, and has received a copy of this agreement. 




_________________________           ________________________________

Buyer                                                        Breeder